Date: June 30, 1956

Location: Houston, TX

We were walking back home.

The Moon was so brilliant so we stopped to see it, looking at it.

We stood there and in a few seconds we saw this UFO.

Very large triangle shaped, with no sound.

It came near so we ducked into a ditch.

We looked up and the UFO was moving slowly back up and then left, it was dark black triangle.

My sister saw some kind of lights on the right side, I didn't see the lights.

I'll never, never forget that night.

We ran home and we told mom & dad.

We didn't know who to call, so we called a radio station.

The UFO was coming around the Moon.

We said what is that?

My sis said I don't know?

Like I said, for a few seconds we were looking at a UFO.

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