Missing An Hour

Missing An Hour

Date: Unknown

Location: England

Driving in the United Kingdom from a friends dinner party.

We set off at around 10:00 p.m. for a 15 minute drive home.

There was myself, my wife in the front, and my 3 sons in the back of the car.

We were driving near a USAF base in the southeast of England along a long straight piece of road when there was an incredible flash that the wife and I noticed, and it seemed to wake up one of the elder sons in the back (he would have been about 12 at the time.

Something, I have no idea what, flew with absolute silence over the car.

I saw it, my wife saw it, and the son in the back who was awakened by the flash saw it.

Something flew right over us so close you could touch it and it was big.

We got home, discussed it a bit, and concluded the flash was a flare from the USAF base and the large object that flew over us may well have been a Eurasian Eagle Owl, one had been spotted in this area.

It was promptly forgotten.

Fast forward just over a decade, and I and the son who was woken by the flash are talking about this weird event over dinner when the youngest son, who didn't wake up during the event, tells us how he remembered it happening.

He recalled an event that was vastly different than ours.

He had never told this story before.

He thought it was a dream until we started talking about it.

He described how the car was stopped when we saw the flash.

We weren't moving, and the low flying object sat on top of us for a few seconds then flew off before the car started again.

Apparently, I completely ignored this stop/start and simply continued driving.

Now, here's the really cool bit that we had never realized.

My wife had made arrangements to call her sister when we arrived home safely.

We left at around 10:00 p.m. for a 15 minute drive.

My wife called her sister around 11:45 p.m. to say we had arrived home.

I have no idea what happened that night.

I was completely sober.

My youngest son insists that something very odd happened.

My wife is adamant that we took approximately 90 minutes to do a 15 minute drive.

Her sister backs this up.

I might not know what happened that night, but I am secure in the thought that something happened.

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