4 Metallic Cigar Shaped Objects

4 Metallic Cigar Shaped Objects

Date: September 20, 1957

Location: Hopkinsville, KY

4 metallic cigar shaped objects with no sound and silver/aluminum color.

First appeared out of sky in a in your face manner, one would move and hoover then next and so forth.

We stopped our car and got out and just watched, they moved at a slow pace about 350' from the ground.

We called a military base in Nashville, TN only to be told they were weather balloons, Yeah Right.

I stayed at Hopkinsville, KY, however it all happened between there and Nashville TN.

We were truly in awe.

They appeared to be about 45' long, of course this is a guess as we could not judge from our position on the ground.

I don't know what they were as we had never seen in our lifetime anything of resemblance.

We were not afraid, just curious and amazed.

After all this time when others do not think you strange was hoping someone else had seen the same things.

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