UFO at Kam Drive In

UFO at Kam Drive In

Date: June 1, 1973

Location: Honolulu, HI

Was at the Kam Drive-In, Honolulu, HI one night watching some cheesy movie.

Something caught my eye and Id thought someone threw a Frisbee or pizza box over our car. I took a direct look at it and it was something entirely else. It was a large UFO, and it was headed towards the sea.

But, it was only about 200 above and it was about 75' to 90 wide. My wife saw it too.

It went right over the movie screen and then below the line of sight, hidden by the movie screen itself.

You could see the shape due to the reflection of the city lights on the bottom of it. It had a curve to it. No sound whatsoever. Then, other people at the drive in who saw it started honking their car horns.

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