Holly Encounter

Holly Encounter

Date: March 12 1963

Location: Holly, MI

The witness was returning from dropping off a volunteer that he works with at an art center in Davison.

He hadnít drank anything and wasnít on any medication or illegal drugs.

His speed was slower than the posted limit, about 45 mph, and his bright lights were on. No other vehicles were present.

As he drove, he slowed down because there appeared to be a very large creature digging in someoneís trash next to the right side of the road, it was located 20' to 25' away from the car.

He began to slow down to get a better look.

This thing was really tall and too huge to be any average animal that he would normally see in the roadside trash bins at night.

Befuddled and not knowing what he was looking at, the witness saw a creature holding a piece of trash who didnít appear to have paws, but more slender hand like protrusions.

It had huge, round and red glowing eyes.

It reacted and looked kind of surprised to see the witness as if it thought no one will ever find out that it existed.

That was the witnessís impression.

Its eyes just stared at the witness vehicle while holding onto a piece of trash for nearly 4 seconds.

Its triangular like gray face reminded the witness of a dog but it was more pointed and triangular towards the end of the nose and mouth.

Its presence didnít seem ordinary and those gigantic glowing red eyes made the witness feel something was out of place. Its ears were large and rounder sort of like a mouse. Its arms were bendable and closer to its body than its long flexible legs. The body was heavier in the bottom and kind of reminded the witness of a kangaroo body but he was completely gray.

Maybe short haired fur, the witness was not sure, but the body was definitely gray in color. It had a skinny tail that was similar in appearance to a ratís tail but it was much longer and slightly wider.

He had barely noticed the creatureís tail until it maneuvered out of the way from the garbage can.

It stared at the witness for about 3 or 4 seconds then dropped the trash forcefully like a human would with both hands. It was standing upright and appeared to be over 3' tall in height.

The creature bent down to the ground and jumped forward on all fours then got up a bit and turned to the left to aim for the woods.

It reached for the ground again with its front arms and jumped forward with its back legs swinging in front of it like a rabbit.

The creature didnít make any sounds that the witness could hear with his windows open and it didnít try to attack him or hiss at him.

When the event was over the witness wanted to turn around and find out what the thing was but knew that it would not be a good idea.

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