Aura Or Haze Around The Object

Aura Or Haze Around The Object

Date: November 15, 1951

Location: Holloman AFB, NM

What I saw was reported in the Albuquerque newspaper as a green fireball.

It streaked across the proving grounds at a very low elevation, below the mountainous horizon.

The object was a luminiscent pale green orb with a thin, bright yellow rim and short, sharp tail.

It was early morning with dawn just breaking.

The mountains on the horizon were dark silouettes.

I was facing East and it moved from North to South and went it over the mountains to the southeast, which were many miles away.

Witnesses reported this sighting to a Dr. Lincoln La Paz, who, I believe, was a professor at the university of New Mexico.

It was speculated that this may have been St. Elmos fire.

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