Lights On Egg Shaped Object

Lights On Egg Shaped Object

May 1, 1955

Location: Holbrook, MA

In 1955, I lived in Holbrook, Massachusetts.

I lived in a town next to the South Weymouth Naval Air Station.

On the day I saw the UFO, it was a sunny spring day and I was in a ballfield behind my home.

I turned around and over the trees was a large yellow object shaped like a football without the tips on the ends.

It was there a short time, a minute or less and did not move.

It went out like a light but faster.

Then, over my right shoulder, a Navy Constellation radar plane went toward where the object had been.

I have seen many jets and blimps go over the area many times and this object wasn't like any aircraft I've ever seen.

At the time, I was 7 years old.

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