Sighted Bright Triad Of Moving Dots Of Light

Sighted Bright Triad Of Moving Dots Of Light

Date: March 15, 1959

Location: Hobbs, NM

This sighting occurred when I was attending the 4th grade in spring of 1959 in Hobbs, New Mexico.

We were outside at recess and I noticed several children on the playground looking up in the sky and pointing.

I immediately looked up, and saw a twinkling point of silvery white light about ¾ of the way to directly overhead.

The point of light, as I looked at it more closely, was composed of 3 smaller lights, moving in and around one another.

It didn't appear to be moving, but seemed to be staying in one spot as I watched.

Shortly after I saw it, recess was ended and we had to go inside.

I have told this experience to many people, but never reported it to any UFO organization in this way.

I decided that it might be important to somebody, so I am submitting it now.

At this time I am 67 years old. but at the time of this experience, I was 11 years old.

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