Hilltop Park Sighting

Hilltop Park Sighting

Date: January 12, 2013

Location: Hilltop Park, Signal Hill, CA

This UFO was documented when we first started at Hilltop Park.

To start off, the park is on top of a very high hill that can see clear to Los Angeles, so it is a very good meditation place where we have seen a lot of great sightings.

If you have been there you know what Iím talking about. because of that I believe we have witnessed some of the amazing things we have seen here like what I'll try to explain.

This particular one was 3 orbs that flew independently with the outer orbs stationarily holding the middle orb in place as if resembling an old computer game of Pong.

It leaves me at a loss of answers but a flurry of questions like what does it mean?

We often think these patterns and shapes hold significance to them I mean why else would they display them if not to get a message across right? So I leave it to you guys to help me. find some serious evidence connected to this pattern and lets see if our world can decipher this higher conscious message to us?

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