Abduction Of Carl Higdon

Carl Higdon Abduction

Date: October 25, 1974

Location: Medicine Bow National Forest, Rawlins, WY

While hunting in Medicine Bow National Forest, Carl Higdon entered an area where he heard no animals but saw 5 motionless elk.

He shot at the bull elk, but the bullet dropped to the ground about 50' away as if it had struck a wall.

A twig snapped and Carl saw a human like being about 6' 2" tall standing in the shade of a tree.

The man spoke, barely moving his lips, and said his name was Ausso.

He spoke to Higdon asking him if he was hungry. The entity threw Higdon 4 pills and said if he took one of them he would not be hungry for 4 days. Carl swallowed them without resistance, and then agreed to go with Ausso.

The entity pointed at Higdon. The next thing he knew he was enclosed within a transparent apparatus with a helmet on, and Higdon found himself on board a craft.

At that time, 2 more humanoid entities appeared.

He was told the aliens were traveling to their home planet which was located 163,000 light years from Earth.

The being's face appeared chinless and he had only 3 teeth each in his upper and lower jaws, a flat nose, no visible ears, thin bristling hair on top. He was bow legged and no hands were visible. His right arm ended in a cone shaped device that Carl took to be a gun. The humanoid had black shoes, belts across his chest and another around the waist, which had a starlike emblem as a buckle and a small apron like flap underneath.

He never allowed Higdon to come too near him or to see him from the side or rear. In a flash they had arrived 163,000 light years away.

Higdon described the building occupied landscape as similar to that of Seattle.

The craft featured a transparent cubicle, 4 seats, a control panel, a mirror, and a symbol thought to be a map of some kind.

The 5 elk stood frozen in a cage behind him and another being like Ausso was in the small room, estimated 5'x7' and 7' high.

Carl found himself with a helmet on his head, strapped to a chair in a cubicle. When Ausso pointed his arm at the controls, the cubicle began to move and Higdon saw the Earth as a round ball. The cubicle landed almost instantaneously on another planet.

It was dark, and they landed near a tower with a flashing light so brilliant that it hurt Higdon's eyes, and made the Humanoids eyes water.

The tower was conical, like a Christmas tree, about 100' tall and made a buzzing sound.

A plaza surrounded the tower, and 5 humanoid beings, a middle aged man, a young girl, 2 teenage girls, and a teenage boy, were standing conversing, apparently unaffected by the blinding light.

The second being disappeared when they landed. Ausso floated out with Carl into the tower and up an elevator. They entered a room where Higdon stood on a platform while a shieldlike device moved out of the wall, positioned itself in front of him for several minutes, then retracted into the wall.

In the otherworldly environment, after the device appeared to examine him, Higdon was told that he was not what they needed and that they would take him back. At various times during the encounter, Carl was told that they came 163,000 light miles using gravity/levitation propulsion to explore Earth and find animals to breed for food.

Ausso spoke of a different Sun, and seas on their planet that were inadequate for supporting life. While on Earth Ausso avoided direct sunlight because of potential sunburn damage.

After the examination, they reentered the cubicle and Ausso returned Higdon's rifle. He also pointed his cone hand gun and floated the package of capsules out of Higdon's pocket.

The next detail that Carl could remember was being back at the forest and 2½ hours had elapsed since Higdon saw the Humanoid entity.

Carl next found himself standing on a rocky slope back in Wyoming. He fell and injured himself before finding his truck in a place some 3 miles from were he had left it, it had been stuck in a mud hole and could not get it out so he radioed for help from the local sheriff. It was 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., a rescue party found him at 11:30 p.m. The truck was freed by additional help.

Higdon was found in a state of panic shouting:

They took my elk.

He was taken for medical care at the local hospital and his blood showed he had a highly elevated level of Vitamins, probably from the pill he took.

Higdon was confused and disoriented, barely able to recognize his wife or where he was. He was very sensitive to touch and light. His eyes were red and watery, and he had no appetite. He was hospitalized at 2:30 a.m., on October 26.

The following morning he had a ravenous appetite. While in the hospital he began relating his experience. For a while he had a problem with equilibrium. Later his tuberculosis scars were no longer visible on X-rays and he no longer suffered from kidney stones.

Higdon speculated that he was rejected either because he was too old or his vasectomy had made him unsuitable.

Further investigation of this showed that Carls wife along with 2 others had seen a red/white flashing light in the area of the sighting. Leo Sprinkle, Professor of the Psychology University of Wyoming, came to investigate along with Rick Kenyon & Rober Hantakes, of MUFON Mutual UFO Network Field Investigators, & Frank Bourke National Star Investigator.

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