Hexagonal UFO Seen

Hexagonal UFO Seen

Date: March 6, 1975

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The object my cousin and I saw was hexaganal in shape, orange in color, hovering low and at a slow velocity.

It appeared to be about a mile away, however there was a strange vibration and an audible sound. The craft then took off at high speed vertically.

The next morning we told my parents what we saw. They took us aside and got myself and my cousin to draw what we saw. Our drawings were identical: Hexagonal & orange.

Except my drawing showed the 2 occupants flying around with backpacks.

My parents heard the vibration and humming noise and would testify to it.

Now, at 33 years, I still get clear images of the sighting in my mind, and sometimes a feeling of a presents in my room. UFOs are an entity to be shunned, don't be fooled.

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