Disappearance Of Kenneth Herron

Disappearance Of Kenneth Herron

Date: October 31, 1920

Location: Cascade Canyon, NM

Kansas born Kenneth Herron was a 15 year old deer hunter who went missing on October 31st, 1920, in the Cascade Canyon area, NM.

Kenneth, the son of a Baptist minister, was joined on the hunting trip by his older brother, Harold, and a guide named Shoup, or Sproats in some articles.

During the hunting trip, the brothers became separated and Kenneth was never seen again.

Harold Herron became temporarily lost in a snowstorm that struck the area either during or shortly after Kenneth's disappearance.

Despite challenging weather conditions at an altitude of 10,000', Harold managed to reach a nearby ranch the next day.

The rancher, Leo Condon, gathered 150 local farmers & cowboys, mounted and on foot, but despite the painstaking search efforts, Kenneth was not found.

Several bones & skeletons were found in the area in the years that followed, but identifying them proved difficult.

Cascade Canyon, NM, was the theater of Kenneth Herron's 1920 disappearance.

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