Brightly Lit Saucer Hovers Above Car

Brightly Lit Saucer Hovers Above Car

Date: August 8, 1958

Location: Hermitage, PA

This is the event as reported to me recently by my Aunt who is over 90 and still lives in the same house as she did when this event took place.

The exact year and time is now unknown but it was roughly 1956 through 1960 and perhaps an hour or so after sunset.

Returning home after spending time at a relatives house my Uncle turned East onto the short driveway of their house with my Aunt in the passenger seat.

As they came to a stop a circle of lights appeared above and to their right at a distance of about 300'.

My Aunt leaned forward to get a better look through the windshield while my Uncle turned off the car and rolled down his window to try and hear whatever it was but there was only silence.

The vehicle was reportedly hovering over the back of the neighbors lot.

Its shape was saucer like with a dome on top and a brim around the edge, like a men's hat.

About 8 white lights were arranged around the underside of the brim in a circle which shown rather brightly and illuminated the surroundings.

Its size was estimated to be a bit larger than the width of the neighbors lot which is 60' wide.

My Uncle & Aunt waited in the car watching and listening for a few minutes when the hovering craft simply disappeared without a sound.

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