UFO Seen Off Road In Texas

UFO Seen Off Road In Texas

Date: 1946

Location: Henderson, TX

Jane Doe is an elderly lady, 83 years old.

She and her husband, now deceased, were driving to Seattle enroute to a new military duty station in Bremerton, WA. Her husband was in the army. On a lonely country road near Henderson, TX, she and her husband saw a large craft hovering to the north of the road on which they were driving.

She said that the craft was hamburger shaped and had three light beams shining towards the ground in a tripod pattern. She said that the craft had lights all around it. She estimated that the craft was about two city blocks to the north of the road, about 1/8 of a mile.

The craft started moving towards the west, they were driving west. She said that she and her husband had stopped the car, but became very frightened and felt an eerie sensation. Her husband then rapidly sped away to retreat from the craft's position. Shortly thereafter

Jane said that she could see a face in the sky that looked kind of like a skeleton. She added that she didn't think that the craft was an oil well. Apparently at that time there were oil wells in that particular area of Texas.

After nearly 60 years she has never forgot about the experience.

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