UFO & Humanoids Observed

UFO & Humanoids Observed

Date: Summer - 1948

Location: Hemer, Sauerland, Germany

A shepherd was guarding his flock of sheep in an isolated grassy area when the animals scattered in a panic.

He heard a rushing sound and saw a large metallic domed object emerge from what appeared to be an artificial fog and land nearby.

The shepherd approached the object and touched it, he felt a strong electrical shock and was knocked unconscious.

The witness later woke up and found himself on a different field surrounded by several short entities, described as having large heads, large slanted almond shaped eyes, narrow mouths and small noses, they had bulging foreheads with short stubby hair.

They all had boxes on their chests with tubes protruding from it.

At times they appeared to grasp the tubes and breath into it.

The beings gesticulated and spoke among themselves in an unknown language.

Nearby sat the object still encased in a mist.

Next to the craft stood 5 other humanoids that began collecting soil samples and placing them into large containers.

Finally all the humanoids reentered the object, which took off at high speed emitting a loud whining sound.

Burnt spots were found at the scene where the object was said to have landed.

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