Hebgen Lake Dragged For UFO

Hebgen Lake Dragged For UFO

Date: August 9, 1949

Location: Hebgen Lake, MT

A one page Incoming Message from Great Falls Air Force Base, MT, to the Air Materiel Command at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH, tells the summarized story.

Dated August 17, 1949, the report notes the following:

This office advised on August 9, 1949, that 7 flying disks had been sighted at Hebgen Lake, MT at 9:30 a.m. that date. 2 of the disks were alleged to have crashed, 1 on the lake, and the other on the opposite shore in a wooded area. 2 agents of this office dragged the lake with negative results.

Informant and only actual eyewitness, while absolutely trustworthy, is prone to exaggeration.

He stated disks were all little larger than an auto tire, of a grayish color, and either having a hole in the center or being painted dark in the center. Informant was not capable of estimating speed but agents estimated from description that discs were traveling in excess of 1000 miles per hour.

Objects were reported traveling in South Westerly direction. A check of winds aloft for period revealed a generally South Easterly direction and of a maximum velocity of 24 knots per hour.

No unusual atmospheric phenomena were evident on August 9, sky conditions were clear and visibility unlimited. Informant described sound of object as being similar to a siren.

Request advice of detailed report desired.

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