UFO Connects To A Water Body With A Pipe

UFO Connects To A Water Body With A Pipe

Date: July - 1965

Location: Hazelton, British Columbia, Canada

At 10:00 p.m., an interesting water related sighting took place. Two geologists working 70 miles north of Hazelton observed a silvery object reflecting in the morning sun.

Due to their positioning above the timberline they were afforded an excellent view of the object below them and were amazed to see it stop and hover 50' above a small pond about half mile away. To the menís amazement they watched a pipe like tube appear from underneath, and lower itself into the water as the disk object spun around slowly before coming to a halt and hovering motionless for the next 8 minutes.

It then withdrew the pipe from the pond and ascended above the water slowly, before taking off at breakneck speed.

The two men said in no longer than 20 seconds the disk had vanished over the ridge which they knew to be about 25 miles away.

With these calculations it is believed the object was moving at a staggering 3,600 M.P.H.

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