Five Gold Craft

Five Gold Craft

Date: June 20, 1947

Location: Hayward, CA

It was about sunset, my brother and I where playng marbles near the road. We lived in the country, we where sitting on the ground, I looked at my brothers face, everything was the bright color of gold, I looked up and saw a round craft. There where 5 craft total, the lead craft was just sitting above us, a little higher than the telephone pole. They where in the V formation,there where no windows, no seams, they where glowing a bright gold color. There was a multi colored ring of gas around the tip of the ships, no mechanical noise, just a hissing sound, they had a smooth round dome on top, the dimensions where aprox,65' to 75' across, about 25' thick at the center of the dome, they began to slowly move, I walked along with them out into the orchard, I could have hit them with a rock.

They stopped for a moment above me, then shot up into space, in a blink of the eye,they where gone.

Two weeks later on the 4th of July they appeared above the fire works at Lake Merrit in Oakland, California, they put the spot lights on the five ships, the ships darted up into space.

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