Never Even Heard The Term UFO

Never Even Heard The Term UFO

Date: June 1, 1954

Location: Hawthorne, CA

I was 24, busy building our young family, had never heard of the 1947 Saucers by Mt. Rainier, never even heard the term UFO.

But rockets and such belonged to my little brother:

Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, all for the entertainment of young boys.

I also had never seen a science fiction movie.

We lived in Hawthorne CA, just down the street from Northrup Aviation.

As a teen during the war in southern California, we were trained to be spotters of planes.

Both ours and foreign, and I became enamoured of B-36s, they had a flight pattern over our house in Hawthorne.

I could feel the low vibration of those suckers before they were visible.

I'd actually race outside and stand watching, then thrill to see those giants overhead.

So, I was watching that quadrant of the sky, no idea what direction.

I was directionally impaired all those years in California, but Washington is easy somehow.

I noticed a star, in broad daylight.

It was far away, as I could feel my eyes focusing on distance.

I'd heard that some had seen stars during the day, but this was my first.

I had a bead on it with the telephone wires, and stood gazing at the stationary object.

Tickled to have seen a star in the day.

Still awaiting the B-36.

When instantly the star took off like a shot heading left and out of sight.

I just thought it was interesting, and it was years before I understood what I had seen.

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