Wing Pilot Encounters UFO

Wing Pilot Encounters UFO

Date: December 12, 1951

Location: 5 Miles Southeast Of Hastings, MN

USAF 133rd FI Wing pilot Donald K. Deke Slayton, future NASA astronaut, flying an F-51 fighter at 10,000' at 290 mph heading northwest back to Wold-Chamberlain Field, Minneapolis, MN.

Saw a 1½ to 2' white/gray object off his left wing about 1 mile away and 1,000' below flight level, about 10° below local horizon or 8° below Earth's horizon, at about 8 o'clock position.

Looking like a kite at first, then like a weather balloon.

Then 2 rapidly counterclockwise revolving disks overlapping with centers about 1' apart.

He went into left 180° turn to intercept, approached to about 1,500', heading southeast with object at about 1 o'clock/(level position.

Object accelerated to about 390 mph turning to the left.

Slayton made 30° bank to turn left with object.

But object outpaced him on the outside of turn, heading roughly southwest at end of turn changed appearance to look like a single object, then it made a sudden 45° climbing left turn, accelerated and disappeared.

In 1980 Slayton estimated angular size as grapefruit at arm's length or about 11° but size/distance data indicate about 0.1°.

Wing intelligence officers told Slayton a balloon research team, General Mills, sighted the same or similar UFO near a large Skyhook launch.

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