Object Was Hovering Motionless Above Trees

Object Was Hovering Motionless Above Trees

Date: June 30, 1952

Location: Harrisburg, PA

A large bright red ball hovering motioless above trees 300' from myself and my father.

It was observed by us without movement for 20 or so minutes.

Then, instantaneously, it departed in the blink of an eye and assumed a cigar shape.

Hovering for some 40 or so minutes off in the distance.

What I would assume to be about 30 miles away hovering over the Harrisburg Municipal Airport.

The object now appeared to have lighted windows, full length of the body.

After this time period, it shot skyward instantaneously to assume a star shape and then proceeded to zig-zag up & down for an extended period.

At this point we departed fron the back yard.

The next day I fully expected to hear/see reports in the radio/newspaper, but none apppeared, so we spoke to no one about it for fear of being considered weird.

Finally, to my dismay, my dad within several days, tried to convince me that we never saw anything.

In retrospect, this is somewhat understandable to me, as my dad was a man of few words, extremely discreet.

But now these 70 years later, I am hearing of cases where the visitors: are known to play games with viewers minds.

In conclusion, as I look back, I am extremely grateful that I did not approach the 300' distance.

Wary as I am about abductions.

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