Triangle Shaped Object Flying Overhead

Triangle Shaped Object Flying Overhead

Date: December 2, 2004

Location: Harper Woods, MI

Myself and 3 others were walking home from a park behind an abandoned store.

I was walking and talking to this guy beside me, and we were joking around. My friend was walking pretty far a head of us with her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend had mentioned just a moment before about seeing a light, and then dismissed it to walk with his girlfriend.

This left myself and the guy I was walking with a good 30', maybe a little more, behind them. The guy next to me mentioned something flying above us, so I looked up. At first glance it looked like a plane, or maybe even a falling star.

But as I looked at it, I realized it was moving too slow to be a plane or falling star. Then as it was falling toward the West, it stopped.

It stayed completely still for a bit, and then it started to rise back up in the sky toward the East. When it moved it had a brilliant tail of light that followed it. It had a very bright light on its tip, what I am going to call the nose or head of the object.

The 2 base corners had dimmer lights, one of which seemed to be turned off. The middle, belly of object, was hard to make out because it was dark. With the lights, I could kind of make out some kind of shape in the middle of the triangle, but couldnít see it too clearly.

Then, as we crossed the main street, I turned around and around to try and find it again, but it was gone.

It made no noise, and was fairly close so I should have heard something if it was an aircraft. The entire event took anywhere from 5 minutes to maybe 8 at most.

Iím not sure if my friend and her boyfriend saw it, as they were talking to one another, but I know the guy that I was walking with saw it, he seemed as amazed as I was.

It seemed to be observing things below, it was definitely not a normal airplane, or helicopter.

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