UFOs Over The Hamptons

UFOs Over The Hamptons

Date: March 30, 1966

Location: Long Island, NY

The accompanying article described an East Hampton residentís truck inexplicably stalling near the 400' tall Mackay radio tower on Napeague.

The motorist opened his hood to inspect his engine when a brilliant white light in the shape of a 50' to 75' long torpedo appeared overhead.

It hovered for a while and then took off faster than a jet, toward Gardinerís Island.

There was no noise.

The truck reportedly restarted once the UFO vanished, with its driver speeding to police headquarters to report what heíd seen.

The same article also noted that a couple on Abrahamís Path reported a similar light that same night near Three Mile Harbor Road. This sighting was said to have caused static on their radio and barking by neighborhood dogs.

It alternately appeared as a large blue very funny light that was glowing brightly, but later varied in intensity before turning into a black bulk in the sky, that hovered over a South Fork Cablevision tower and then flashed light upwards and started to move.

It then swept across the sky, circled over Three Mile Harbor, and headed toward East Hampton, by which time it was oval and had a yellowish/reddish tinge.

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