2 Boys Watch UFO

2 Boys Watch UFO

Date: August 11 or 17, 1948

Location: Hamel, MN

2 Leuer boys playing outside saw a round, dull gray/silver object 2' diameter, 1' thick.

Like inverted plates approach from the northwest drop down between the boys from a height of 12' and land 8' away from one of the boys.

Like a balloon, with a metallic clinking sound and a train whistle noise.

It spun once, shot up 20', made the whistle noise again, hovered, shot up to a height of 30'.

Maneuvering to avoid phone lines and trees, flew away to the northeast.

CIC Special Agent Captain Charles L. Victor, 113th CIC Det., found an area 2' in diameter where the ground showed signs of extreme pressure.

Occupants of the craft were seen.

Traces found.

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