Large Egg Shaped Silvery Object

Large Egg Shaped Silvery Object

Date: Summer - 1936

Location: Halandri, Athens, Greece

Maria K., 12, was playing with 5 or 6 other children in an area that was then sparsely populated.

As they played the area was instantly filled with clouds of dust.

They stopped playing and looked at the direction from which the clouds had come from. There, they saw a large egg shaped silvery object, slightly bigger than an airplane.

It had landed on the ground on small legs, 300' to 500' away.

They did not see any open door on the object, but on the ground under the object, there was a small humanoid wearing a white outfit and a broad belt, with small lights.

The creature had long white hair and turned to their direction for a while.

After that, it waved its hand like a salute, and disappeared.

A loud hiss was heard and the object took off vertically between clouds of dust. It rose into the sky until it was gone.

The children were shocked and were not in the mood to continue their game until their parents, who did not believe them ,called them in for lunch.

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