86 Year Old Woman Recounts Close Encounter With UFO

86 Year Old Woman Recounts Close Encounter With UFO

Date: 1992

Location: Leichhardt, New South Wales, Australia

A large, silver, shining object hovered above Rita Haden's car as she traveled home from work along Old Toowoomba Rd. just before 2:00 a.m. one eerily quiet Ipswich morning in 1992.

Now 86, Mrs. Haden said she still vividly remembered how the mysterious 10' long craft dazzled her with its bright lights, which could be seen even after she arrived home and ran inside.

The little dog next door just wailed and howled, the light was so bright, Rita said.

I had just gone past the One Mile Hotel when I first saw it and it stayed in my backyard for about an hour.

I was on my own and very, very scared.

Rita joined the Ipswich UFO Group after her first encounter and has traveled the world telling others her story.

I worked in the Air Force for many years, so I know my planes and this was something I had never seen before, I couldn't see any windows.

Unlike normal planes, it didn't have a dull surface, it was very shiny.

It made no noise whatsoever.

All I saw was a big shape coming down.

Too many people have seen too many things for there not to be something else out there.

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