Silver Object Gyrates

Silver Object Gyrates

Date: May 19, 1947

Location: Manitou Springs, CO

Seven employees of the Pikes Peak Railway, including Navy veteran Dean A. Hauser, mechanics Ted Weigand, Marion Hisshouse, T.J. Smith & L.D. Jamison, were having lunch when Weigand noticed a bright, silver colored object approaching rapidly from the northeast.

It stopped almost directly overhead and the group of men watched it perform wild gyrations for a number of minutes.

Hauser said that the object, after having approached in a straight line, began to move erratically in wide circles. All this time it reflected light, like metal, but intermittently, as though the angle of reflection might be changing from time to time.

It was difficult to get a clear idea of its shape, and even viewing it through binoculars did not appear to bring it any closer. They estimated its height at 1000'.

For 20 minutes they watched it climb, dive, reverse its flight course, and finally move off into the wind in a westerly direction.

It disappeared in a straight line in the west-northwest in a clear blue sky, Hauser reported.

At no time did anyone hear any noise. An account of the sighting appeared in the Denver Post of June 28. The next day the Post reported that the witnesses had been interviewed by representatives of the 15th Air Force headquarters and the results of the investigation would be sent on to Washington. The results, perhaps unknown to the witnesses even to this day, were possible birds.

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