Star Circling Another Star

Star Circling Another Star

Date: August 10, 1975

Location: Georgetown, Guyana

Many years ago when I lived in the Southern Hemisphere, Georgetown, Guyana. I would always look at the billions of stars available for viewing from being so close to the Equator. From the Equator you see the rich part of the Milky Way, as opposed to being in North America.

On this particular occasion which left me no doubt as to the existence of more advanced and intelligent life forms.

I noticed one quickly discernible moving light object among the stars. What was peculiar about this object was that as it travelled across the sky, it would make two cicles around another, star, then travel in a straight line, make two circles around another, star, and so continued until I could no longer track the item because I had to blink since my eyes become dry, to dry to keep open.

I am an avid stargazer at every chance I get and hope to be able to own a good refractor some day.

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