Man Scuffles With Entity

Man Scuffles With Entity

Date: November 28, 1954

Location: Caracas, Venezuela

At about 2:00 a.m. Gustavo Gonzales and his helper, Jose Ponce, set out from Caracas for Petare, to pick up some produce to be put on sale in the markets of Caracas the next morning.

Upon entering a street leading to the warehouse area, they saw a luminous spherical object hovering about 6' off the ground, and blocking their way. They stopped the truck and Gonzales got out to investigate. A dwarfish looking, man shaped thing about 3' tall, hairy, and with glowing eyes came toward Gonzales, who attempted to grab him. The little fellow struck Gonzales and sent him reeling about 15'.

The little man then leaped at Gonzales, clawed hands extended.

Gonzales drew his knife and made a stab at the creature, striking it in the shoulder, but the knife glanced off as though it had struck steel. Another of the little fellows emerged from a hatch in the side of the sphere, directed a light from what appeared to be a metallic tube at Gonzales, blinding him. At this point, the creature with whom Gonzales had scuffled leaped the sphere, and it took off swiftly and was lost to sight in seconds.

During this scuffle, Ponce watched two other entities answering the same description as the first two, emerge from the side of the street carrying what appeared to be rocks or dirt in their arms. They leapt easily up into the sphere through the opening in the side.

Alarmed, he ran to the police station about a block and a half away. He was telling his story when Gonzales arrived. Both men were questioned closely and it was determined that they had not been drinking and that both had obviously been badly frightened by something.

They were given sedatives and Gonzales was put under observation for a deep, red scratch on his side.

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