It Was Actually A Vimana

It Was Actually A Vimana

Date: December 11, 1999

Location: Mayapura, West Bengal, India

My name is Kannan, I am a teacher at a boys' school, Gurukala, run by ISKCON in the village of Mayapura, West Bengal.

I had a traditional Hindu religious upbringing but later rebelled against this by adopting ideas of atheism and rational skepticism.

However, I have now regained my interest in spiritual questions.

A few years ago I saw something that was what you would call a UFO but I believe was a vimana.

It was during the Desert Storm battle.

I had a class in the evening and I was listening to the BBC news of the battle with some of the Bhakti Sastri boys in front of my house.

We were following Saddam Hussein very meticulously, all his movements.

So I would put all the boys in front of my house in the evening, we would lay out a mat, put out the lights and play the radio under the stars.

It was about 8:00 p.m.

As I was sitting there, I just looked up and saw this very bright blue light overhead.

It started from the Dhruva star, the Polestar that can be seen behind our school building.

It started from there and it was moving very fast.

Then when it came directly overhead, it seemed to slow down and then stop.

It had a tail at the back that started small and became bigger.

And very clearly there was a solid object in front of that.

It was not at all like a star or a satellite, and it was not very high.

I was already staring at it when one boy said:

What is that, Pradhu?

And then this other boy said:

What is that, what is that?

We all got up and were looking at it.

There were 6 of us, 5 boys and me.

My wife was in the kitchen cooking something and she came out too because we were all shouting.

So it was at maybe one and a half palm tree's height from the roof of our hut, which is not very high.

It was at less than five stories above us, we saw it very clearly.

Most of them were concentrating on the light.

I looked in the front and I saw that it was a clear object.

It was not a star and it was not far away.

It was right there. and it was also, like, moving around itself but very slowly.

Then it moved slowly away toward the Jalangi River where it picked up speed and disappeared.

It was like somebody who slows down to look at something.

It was very, very interesting and the boys kept asking about it.

Boys ask all sorts of questions.

But anyway, to my understanding, it was actually a Vimana, mythological flying machine.

And for some reason they can become bigger or become smaller.

It was an abnormal thing and we were completely helpless just looking at it.

When I described it to a Muslim gentleman, an old farmer, he said that in the sky over Mayapura there are so many things like this.

Things come, things go.

So many things happen because this is Mahaprabhu's place.

So it is not surprising that such thing are seen in the sky over his land.

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