I Never Believed That I Would Have Such an Experience

I Never Believed That I Would Have Such an Experience

Date: October 23

Location: Annaka-City, Gunma Prefecture. Japan

My name is Tatsumi Tanaka. I am 42 years old and the owner of the beauty parlour in Annaka-City, Gunma Prefecture.

Last Sunday, I have seen a UFO and it was the first time such a shocking matter happened to me.

I never believed that I would have such an experience, but surprisingly, it happened to me.

I was on the 2nd floor of my house and casually looking out the East window, when I caught sight of a white object, rather big, the shape impossible to describe, rising softly and perpendicularly from the surface of the ground.

We can see Mount Akagi in the northnortheast direction, and it was in this direction that the UFO rose, but I could not tell how far away it was. It was about 10:00 a.m.

I wondered what it was. I thought at first sight it must be an airship or a balloon.

I strained my eyes to see better but could not understand what it was.

After rising straight up, it stayed for a while at a constant height and seemed to become blurred outside. It then turned into the oval shape that is familiar to us from TV or magazines.

It was the same object but not the same shape as before, but the outline was not clear. Soon after it moved to the right at a fast speed. It looked like a low altitude flight but it all happened so quickly, and then it just disappeared in the cloudless blue sky.

I was so shocked, I felt out of my mind. This thing was so huge, but it disappeared just in a moment.

I tried to explain what I saw to my wife and child who were right beside me but I couldn't. I just pointed and could only shout out in surprise.

My wife was very annoyed and said that everyone cannot see UFOs, only some people do and some don't. By then it had disappeared. I was so excited that I went outside with my daughter and searched the sky but it was too late.

I still can't believe I have had such an experience. I will never forget that movement and that speed, something beyond common sense. It means to me that things exist that we don't understand.

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