Object Emitted Other Objects

Object Emitted Other Objects

Date: July 8, 1905

Location: Guffey, CO

I Went out to shoot photos of the Sun rising over the mountains while staying at a friend's off grid home for 3 days.

I took over 100 photos over 2+ hours, and later looked at these photos.

Nearly all of them have lights floating right above the treeline.

Several of the photos show 3 or 4 small, round flying objects, sometimes very clearly, and these are producing some of the lights.

2 photos clearly show a triangular type craft, greenish/yellow in color, that is floating directly above pine trees.

I did not hear anything but I did have a distinct, creepy feeling of being watched, so much so that I went back into the house a couple of times.

These photos were taken in succession and you can see that the craft has moved in position from one photo to the next.

The most disturbing aspect of these photos is you can see that this craft is emitting a red smoke or spray and spreading over the trees below it.

Several of the photos include a triangular shaped, brilliantly lit object floating directly above the ground basically in the middle of nowhere.

It is floating above the ground surrounded by trees.

It changes it's position from photo to photo so it is definitely moving.

The colors are brilliant white, reds, blues, purples & yellows.

Sometimes it is parallel with the ground, other times it is vertical with the more pointed end facing down to the ground.

I am concerned as to what these are, who manages them, what are they doing, what is that red spray being emitted over the trees.

I really hope that someone in the government looks into this because of those very questions.

What is it's purpose and what is the impact of that red spray on the environment, wildlife and people in the area?

I will be happy to provide the photos if someone will look into this.

I have submitted this information and several photos to many agencies and am disappointed that no one seems concerned.

If I can take 3 days worth of photos and have a hundred or more photos all containing these lights in one form or another, how frequently are they there?

I visited this friend's off grid home 3 years in a row.

Each time staying 2 to 4 days and each time I got up to take photos of the Sun rise.

Each year, I had exactly the same type of results in my photos.

I have overwhelming evidence of some kind of phenomena going on in that area and no one seems to give a damn.

Doesn't our government have any concerns regarding security?

Environmental safety issues?

People's safety?

Anyways, there ya have it.

I have submitted yet again and hope to hear from someone wanting to see these amazing and very disturbing photos I have.

There were lights on the object,

There was an aura or haze around the object,

The object emitted other objects,

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