3 Triangle Craft Seen

3 Triangle Craft Seen

Date: June 15, 1969

Hi, I don't know a lot of the information on where or when this happened cause I wasn't the one that saw it.

My mom did when she was a kid. A lot of stuff on the times and date are guesses.

Well, This is what she told me:

It was at night when she was sleeping when all of the sudden she heard this shreaking sound that she can't really explain except that it was really high pitched and it didn't feel good. She got up and went into the dining room I think it was, and she looked out the window and say three triangular objects hovering over her backyard.

The shreiking noise was so loud that it should have woken up every one in the neiborhood, but her mom, dad, and sister stayed asleep for some reason like they didn't hear anything. Only my mom and the dog heard it.

Well, getting ack to the tringular objects....

All three of them at the same time flew away from each other super fast.

My mom said it was so fast that the light was still there a couple of seconds after they dissappeard. The reason my mom knew that they all went in different directions is cause they made streaks of light in the sky when the flew off.

The next morning in the newspaper, my mom saw that there was an article of an alien sighting that night around her area.

I am 15 years old, so my mom doesn't tell me fake stuff for bed time stories or anything, and my mom has never lied to me.

So, that is the story of my moms sighting.

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