Earliest UFO Sighting By Danish Fliers

Earliest UFO Sighting By Danish Fliers

Date: 1932

Location: Greenland

The earliest UFO sighting by Danish fliers occurred in 1932 when 3 Heinkel HE 8 seaplanes were dispatched to the East coast of Greenland to conduct a photogrammetric survey.

In those days, manned aircraft had no heaters, insulation or pressure suits. Only the daring and hardy ventured into the glacier zone in wood and canvas planes, and many failed to return.

The pilot during this particular UFO incident was Lieutenant colonel Peter Grunnet, a supremely rugged figure.

His copilot was Lieutenant Tage Anderson, who in later years became Commander in Chief of Royal Danish Air Force, and died in 1961.

We had many adventures flying under primitive conditions in the frozen North, says Grunnet. But none compared with this.

Huddled under body length parkas and numbed by the cold, their breath forming clouds of condensation in front of them, Grunnet and Anderson coaxed the trouble prone Heinkel HE 8 over a mirror like section of sprawling glacier.

The copilot spotted a second shadow pursuing the shadow of their seaplane across the ice.

I looked back and saw something that didnít make sense, Anderson was quoted.

About a mile behind their plane, partly obscured by the glare of sun against snow, a flying object was following their flight course.

Grunnet eased his throttle forward. The engines of his plane gnashed and vibrated noisily as he forced it plane into a shallow turn, to get a better view of the alien object.

It was nothing like flying machines of that period, recalling the UFO sighting recently during a visit to the U.S.

It was hexagonal, flat, and seemingly made of aluminum or some other metal, with no breaks in the surface and no rivets, said Grunnet.

At the time, I had a spooky feeling. I canít explain it. It was as if I felt the presence of whoever was inside that craft, and the feeling was hostile.

In the years since, Iíve realized that the craft was saucer shaped, and I believe it really was a flying saucer.

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