Object Emitted Other Objects III

Object Emitted Other Objects III

Date: June 15, 1950

Location: Grosse Pointe Park, MI

I am now 61 years old.

In around 1950/1951 in spring or summer either year my home at that time was located in Grosse Pointe Park, MI.

I saw an oval shaped object about the height of on airplane above where I was swinging on our home playground.

I called for my mother and asked what it was.

We watched a few minutes witnessing one oval object while 3 saucer shaped objects were approaching the oval object from below it.

It appeared that the 3 saucers were entering from below.

We watched them enter.

My mother called the police and it was written up in our local newspaper.

I thought you needed to know this information even though I was so young.

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