Farmer Watches, & Smells Unique UFO

Farmer Watches, & Smells Unique UFO

Date: July 15, 1975

Location: Grinnell, IA

This is an interesting odor case, unique perhaps in the glob description emanating from UFO.

Rectangle 100' x 30' and two stories, 20', high. Hovered above 80 acre field about 45' from farmer/witness at about 150' altitude while farmer was in hay barn at about 11:00 p.m. in July, 1975.

No Sound. Object totally illuminated by steady yellow light almost as if it looked like a yellow shape of fire. Several 18" globs/orbs of yellowish fiery looking light, shaped like huge droplets, dropped from beneath UFO, but never reached the ground, simply disappearing as they fell or descended, not a stream or beam, these were globs/orbs, and farmer associated a strong sulphur smell with these globs.

He likened the globs to shape of 30 weight motor oil when poured out in cold weather.

As witness walked slowly toward UFO, it eased back. When he backed up, UFO eased forward. Finally, witness heard a click, as when a light switch is activated, and the next thing he knew, the UFO was gone and all was dark.

Witness did not check the time before or after the event, so the time span is only his perception of time passage.

Witness holds deep religious convictions, and investigator believes he is very credible.

A close approach of a UFO also occurred some years before this incident when a UFO approached the barnyard at about 75' altitude.

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