Disk Or Spherical Objects Merge With Larger Object

Disk Or Spherical Objects Merge With Larger Object

Date: November 15, 1958

Location: Greenville, RI

In the fall of 1958/1959, when I was in Junior High School, the following was observed by both of my parents & myself:

We were living in Greenville, RI, our property was located on the North to northwest shore of Slacks Reservoir.

It was the late fall of the year, the time was between 10:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

We saw a bright light through the southern facing windows of our living room.

We went outside and observed an object in the sky that was either large enough or close enough to obscure approximately 60% to 70% of the sky to the southwest.

It was at an azmuth of about 70.

The object was shaped like 2 dinner plates placed top to top, a narrow glowing yellow green band was separating both halves, and a red spot, about 3 times the width of the band was located on the same seam as the band.

The object itself was a glowing silvery white.

It slowly rotated on the horizontal axis, until it was almost round in shape.

At that time 5 smaller objects, appearing to be round or spherical, approached from what appeared to be radial directions, and merged with the larger object.

At that time, the object continued to rotate on the same axis as before, a yellow green light was emitted from the lower rimmed area of the double plate in a fan like beam.

In the space of less than 10 seconds the object had vanished into the southwest in an increasing angle of azimuth.

There was absolutely no sound at all during the entire episode.

That evening, several radio stations reported that the object had been picked up on the radar at the primary commercial airport.

The next day, nothing was on the radio or television, or in the newspaper.

I drew a picture of the object and wrote a letter to the astronomy department at Brown University. My parents and I all signed it.

About a week later we heard a droning of engines in the sky to the southwest, a dark object was approaching over the water.

When the object was very close, billboard lights flashed the message across the blimp: Hello Down There.

Just how gullible did they think we were?

About 2 weeks after I had sent the letter we received a response.

Supposedly we had seen the planet Jupiter and 5 of its Moons with the unaided eye, taking up an area the size of a large serving platter, with the Moons being about the size of a nickel each, in the wrong part of the sky, and at the wrong azimuth.

Once again, just how dumb did they think we were?

My I.Q. has been tested to between 160 and 180 on various tests.

At the time of the incident I had already built an analog computer, radio equipment, and my own telescope.

I was already interested in a number of scientific fields.

I firmly believe that we witnessed a UFO mother ship and five scouts.

And that ridiculous attempts at cover up were made by or influenced by the government of the United States.

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