It Changed Color

It Changed Color

Date: July 15, 1954

Location: Greenfield, IN

This all occurred when I was still a child and living on a farm.

My mother, our next door neighbor's wife, and myself, were standing outside in our barnyard/driveway.

I was working on an old bicycle near my mother while she was having a conversation with our neighbor.

I noticed an object in the sky, estimated to be at 1,500' altitude and ¼ of a mile away.

I pointed it out to my mother and neighbor, and for at least 3 or 3 minutes we discussed it while watching what it was doing.

We actually stopped looking at it for a few seconds, continued talking, looked back up to watch it some more but it was gone.

The objects relevant appearance to us was that of a cigar shape.

Brown in color but with an light orange glow about it.

After a minute or so, the glow changed to an obvious large fire ball around it.

Around it horizontally only, not over the top or bottom, swirling fire with lots of black smoke swirling around it as well.

The object stood perfectly still in the air and made no sound that we could hear.

We commented to each other that it must be some new military test device because we had never seen nor heard of any aircraft like that.

We never could come to any uneducated idea as to how it could burn so profusely, black smoke and fire, and not be damaged nor fall from the sky.

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