Hovering Craft Over Roadway

Hovering Craft Over Roadway

Date: June 1, 1958

Location: Grand Island, NE

At the time of the sighting I was a 16 year old boy riding in a car with my parents and my younger brother.

We were on a highway, and we witnessed a circular craft directly over the highway.

My parents slowed the car down and looked up and watched the craft.

It was not moving, about 65' above the road.

There were many lights which appeared to be interior lights.

My parents were scared to death, I had my head out the window looking up, there was no sound from the craft.

My parents drove off very fast, while I continued to watch the hovering craft until it was out of sight.

My parents owned a business at the time, and they never told anyone, for fear they would be laughed at and it would hurt their business.

I never did here of any other reports of this incident.

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