Bright Object Videoed Hovering

Bright Object Videoed Hovering

Date: November 7, 2014

Location: Granada Park, Phoenix, AZ

Cellphone footage was recorded at Granada Park in Phoenix.

I went to the park with my daughter around sunset. It was then that I heard multiple helicopters in the sky above.

When I looked up I saw the helicopters, but below them I also saw a bright circular disk shaped flying saucer hovering over the mountain directly in front of me.

It hovered over Squaw Peak Mountain for several minutes and then the object started changing color and shape. It then started to make its way to the ground and lands somewhere between Squaw Peak Mountain and the houses in front of me.

I stopped recording and decided to leave the park to see if I could drive to the site where the object landed. I started walking towards my car and when I turned back around the UFO was back up in the air.

The UFO was a light grey color and had bright lights that glowed in a strange way. The hovering craft made no sound. I know this because after filming when I was driving away from the park, the flying saucer flew over me and it didnít make any noise. I watched this flying saucer at the park for about 25 minutes until I had to leave.

I was moving my camera around a lot in the video because i was trying to keep a close eye on my daughter playing behind me while filming at the same time.

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