Object Hovered Over & Raised Pick Up Truck

Object Hovered Over & Raised Pick Up Truck

Date: September 9, 1959

Location: Goldfield, NV

In the fall of 1959, when I was 14, I and 2 friends ran away from our homes in Hollywood, CA.

We ended up somewhere around Goldfield, NV. South of Tonopah.

One night we were in the back of a pick up off a main highway. There were 4 of us in the truck, which had run off the road and was stuck in the sand. We had spent hours trying to dig out or drive out, but the truck was buried up to its hubcaps. We decided someone would have to walk out in the morning and try to get help.

Meanwhile we were stargazing. We started talking about flying saucers as we called them in those days. My girlfriend said:

Let's see if we can contact a saucer to help us.

So she and I started trying to telepathically contact a saucer.

Not long afterwards we all saw a light approaching. I donít know the direction it came from. It looked just like a bright star except it was moving towards us. It got much brighter as it drew overhead, about the size of the blunt end of a pencil held at armís length.

At that moment we felt the truck move. It rose straight up in the air about 18" off the ground, floated to the middle of the road, and gently set down. Then the light moved back in the direction it came from and blinked out.

My memories of that experience were verified by my friend when I contacted her for the first time more than 40 years later. The first thing she said was:

What do you remember about that night?

We agreed on all the details except I remembered screaming and she remembered laughing.

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