We saw...A Light?

We saw...A Light?

Date: Summer - 2018

A friend and I were out in my back yard.

It was about 10:00 p.m. and I heard a snapping of twigs. I thought some animal a bear or a moose was in the woods. I got closer to see if I could make out what was making the sound and just where it coming from. Then we heard a breaking noise, I still couldnít tell just where the noise was coming from and stepped closer to the tree line.

Then a big whoosh branches seemed to be coming right at me. Then I just saw before it hit the ground a tree was knocked over and barely missed me. We have so much wildlife, bears, moose, deer and so many other things and a big wide path with the power lines right behind out house we often have the animals coming in the yard. I was very lucky I was walking right towards that tree. Curiosity can kill sometimes.

But the creepiest thing happened one night just after dark. We were watching TV and had the front door open and could see the neighbors yard. An elderly woman lived there at the time many years ago. All of a sudden a bright yellow light in the shape of a ball filled her yard.

I said to my husband what is that?

So, we walked outside and it looked like the a small sun was hovering over her lawn. It did not land or touched the ground in anyway but was 3' or 4' just above her lawn. We had a clear view and watched this to try and see what it was.

There was no noise not any sound at all and it moved up and down a bit. It was not warm no heat came from it at all. We could not see beyond the the outer round light to see anything else but the light. It was there about 20 to 30 minutes, then as fast as it showed up it almost blinked out and was gone. We live in the country so, we donít have many neighbors that could have seen this. The elderly neighbor had already gone to bed and we didnít want to tell her and frighten her.

My husband and our children saw it but that was so long ago the children have forgot. But both my husband and myself remember standing looking at the object which we have never been able to explain what it was or why it was there in the first place. We were only a few feet away and saw it very clearly.

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