Alan Godfrey Abduction

Alan Godfrey Abduction

Date: November 28, 1980

Location: Todmorden, West Yorkshire, England

In 1980, the small town of Todmorden, in the United Kingdom, was to be the center of a mysterious event.

It would involve a police constable by the name of Alan Godfrey, who many ufologists regard as one of the first publicly known UFO abductees in Britain.

35 years ago the small town of Todmorden, in the United Kingdom, was to be the center of an event, a case that today still is enmeshed in mystery. It would involve a young police constable by the name of Alan Godfrey, who many Ufologists regard as possibly one of the UK's first publicly known alien abductees.

The year was 1980, and the Alan Godfrey saga would start in June of that year, when Godfrey was one of two officers linked with the discovery of a dead body some today maintain may have been dumped by extra terrestrials, the man possibly being scared to death during or after an abduction event.

At the time the nation was gripped in fear and intrigue by The Yorkshire Ripper, and the story of a young Yorkshire police officer who would claim after an event in November 1980, that he was abducted by aliens, would take over newspaper headlines from the serial killer before he was captured. It would also come after a period of 18 months of the UK being plagued by UFO sightings. The story is given credence by the fact that multiple police officers were to report at around 5:00 a.m., on the morning of November 28th, a fast moving, pulsating steel blue object being seen hovering or moving around in the sky in an area covering at least 30 miles.

It was roughly 15 minutes later that PC Alan Godfrey, while investigating claims of cows appearing on a local council estate, would encounter the unknown, as an object he at first thought was a double decker bus appeared in front of his car while driving down Burnley Rd. Getting within twenty yards of it, he realised it was hovering 5' in the air, shaped like a diamond. The bottom half seemed to be rotating, causing, he believed, the shaking of nearby trees which he observed. The area seemed eerily silent however, the object emitting no noise.

Attempting to call for backup, he found his own personal radio and the car radio were completely dead. He made a sketch of the object in his notepad, and then realised he had jumped in time, finding himself driving again but appeared to be further down the road some yards away from where the object, now gone, had appeared. He returned to the police station and with another officer, returned to the area and found the missing cows, who were in an area that would have been hard for them to be, for they were in a fenced property with a locked gate. He remembered thinking they may have been dropped there, perhaps by the hovering craft.

He recalled, in an agitated state, to fellow officers, what he had encountered when he returned to the police station, and as he finished up his shift, found he had roughly nearly 50 minutes of lost time, as well as his left boot appearing to have been horizontally split open at its sole. A strange red mark that was itchy on the bottom of his left foot appeared soon after, circular in appearance and he learnt the next evening that 5 other officers had reported UFO encounters as well on the previous night.

The story was leaked to the Press soon after, and Godfrey would maintain in interviews afterwards that, due to his notoriety, he was forced to resign from his position by the Police Department, being subjected to ridicule and jokes with the last straw being his car being replaced with an bicycle. He had worked as an officer for six years before the incident, lived a normal life as a married man and had two children.

An incident in late 1977, in which he had been severely wounded by three men who had resisted arrest, had resulted in him losing a testicle and being told by doctors he was sterile and would never be able to father children again. It is said that one night, sometime after the UFO encounter, that a strange noise awoke Godfrey's wife outside their house and although she tried, she could not awaken her husband. They apparently had sex the next day, and Mrs. Godfrey fell pregnant. Doctors soon told the couple his condition had reversed itself, and Alan Godfrey has maintained to this day apparently his abduction experience, and the beings behind it, were the cause of his medical miracle.

Godfrey was soon after convinced by a colleague and UFO researchers to undergo regression hypnosis to recover the missing time he had experienced. During a number of sessions it is claimed he recalled the UFO shutting his engine off and blinding him with a intensely bright light. Before losing consciousness, he remembered his radio emitting static. He is supposedly said to have recalled an encounter with a human looking man, dressed in biblical garb, who called himself Yosef and telepathically told Godfrey that they were well acquainted.

A large black dog was said to also be in the room, and Yosef seemed to be assisted by small robotic creatures who had heads shaped like lamps. He seemed to be in a room not unlike a normal sitting/lounge room in a small house. Yosef told Godfrey he would see him again, and then Godfrey found himself driving along Burnley Road.

To this day Godfrey apparently has no conscious memory of his abduction, and has stated publicly he has questioned what came out in his regression sessions, believing he may have recalled a mixture of dream, fantasy and fact.

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