7 Motionless Bright Lights In An Uneven Row

7 Motionless Bright Lights In An Uneven Row

Date: June 1, 1956

Location: Gloucester, MA

I woke up before dawn and looked out my window.

Above the trees, in the distance over the ocean, there were 7 bright lights in an uneven row.

They were as big as the Moon slightly squeezed at top and bottom to be a bit of an oval.

They never moved, there was no sound and the lights were constant.

After about 15 minutes of watching, I woke my mother and we watched them together until they disappeared in the rising Sun light.

I told my aunt who lived downstairs.

For over 30 years I never thought about them until my son brought a book home from school with a picture that was almost the same as what I saw.

My mom has passed but my aunt remembered me telling her about them.

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