Mile Long And ½ Mile Wide UFO

Mile Long And ½ Mile Wide UFO

Date: 1930

Location: Glenwood, WA

When I was younger my Grandfather told me a story about an object that would play havoc with some of the local ranchers.

In the early to mid 1930s, a growing number of local ranchers had to run for there lives because of the flying objects that would chase them. Usually, the only way they would get away was to bail off their horse into a ditch.

My Grandfather grew up in a little town called Glenwood, WA, when he came in sight of one of these objects.

These are his own words of what happened:

I was heading East to the Kuhnhausen house to help out in the fields.

The route that I chose took me through some trees and over a couple of ridges and when I got to the second ridge, I noticed that it was quiet, I mean no wind, no birds, no nothing.

That is when a shadow came over me, blocking the Sun out entirely.

I looked up into the sky to see a huge rectangular object above.

What struck me the most was the smaller rectangle on the bottom that would reflect the ground like a mirror.

The object slowed down and 3 little balls of lights came out of a little opening beside the large mirror.

They made a beeline straight for me.

By this time, I was so scared that I had a hard time moving. I got myself turned around and started to run, and I noticed that I couldnít seem to move very fast, almost like I was running on a sponge, my feet would move but everything else felt like I was being pulled backward.

At that time those little lights shot by my head and around a tree and up out of sight.

Right when they did that I could move again and thatís what I did. I did not stop until I was in the root cellar under my house. I never took that route again.

My grandfather passed away several years ago but I wrote this all down just before he died. I have heard other stories from different people about this object and almost all of them describe the UFO almost exactly the same.

My grandfather said that the object had to be at least a mile long and ½ mile wide by its position to the mountains and by the shadow that it casts.

I have found about 10 to 12 other people who have seen it or know of a person who has.

Most of the other stories that I have heard were of people being chased by little balls of light, in some cases for miles. At one point nobody even wanted to leave their house because of fear they would be chased.

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