Sighting In Gleeson

Sighting In Gleeson

Date: October 19, 1968

Location: Gleeson, AZ

Pearl Christiansen, 71, a retired school teacher and resident of tiny mining town of Gleeson since 1920, witnessed several UFOs in 1968.

Pearl had detailed descriptions and some evidence. The objects hovered for hours one night.

They seemed to back off into the valley beyond the peak, she said.

It's not known if the the event was ever explained away as something else.

A reporter inquiring about the incident at nearby Ft. Huachuca was told:

The Air Force has that responsibility.

William Mayfield, operator of the Gleeson museum, examined a badly burned rock which was among the burned cactus at the site of the UFO. The rock was too hot to touch even 48 hours after the incident, Mayfield said.

He reported a queer, acid like smell after the event. Nothing like our fuels smell.

Several witnesses alleged several UFOs hovered over Brown's Peak for hours late one night, leaving erratic burn patterns and acid like smells.

Pearl said:

They seemed to back off into the valley behind the peak.

Pearl, describes what she saw in October 1968:

It looked as though there were a train of lights trailing from one side, when I went through another gate, I saw the second object, very shiny and gold. Once in a while both would glow simultaneously.

Pearl mentioned that there was a red band which turned wine in color, then turned purple, several minutes later it was gold, she told the Tucson Citizen.

Strange fires had scorched the parts of the peak. Some observers think that may be ritualistic ceremonies done by a nearby hippie camp.

The Copper Belle mine supplied copper during WW I. The mines closed in the 1930s and the post office closed in 1939, leaving Gleeson essentially a ghost town.

The Tucson Citizen story on the UFO sighting was published October 19, 1968.

I was happily happily excited about the beauty of the thing, Pearl said. I never was afraid. I had no fear, just excited.

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