galveston Large Orange/Red Lowering Moon Object

Large Orange/Red Lowering Moon Object

Large Orange/Red Lowering Moon Object

Date: June 20, 1950

Location: Galveston, TX

My lady friend and I were in the parking lot of a drive in movie theater which was located just off a road parrallel to Interstate 45 and is North of Offatts bayou.

I was sitting in the drivers seat holding my baby, my friend was sitting next to me and my three older children were playing on swings lower than the movie screen and we could see them.

We were parked facing just to the left of true North.

Boliver Peninsula is to the of true North from where we were.

As we watched the movie, I noticed a large orange/red full Moon toward Bolivar.

As I was admiring the full Moon it seemed to become larger and closer, and slowly lowering.

At that I became afraid and asked my friend to get the children which she did.

As we were leaving all the other cars were too and there were at least 30 cars.

The movie wasn't half over.

By this time the Moon was overhead still lowering and I could hear a putt putt sound as the object was heading toward Interstate 45 and the bayou behind the Interstate.

I drove my friend home to the East end of Galveston where our homes were about 4 miles away and asked her to turn on her radio.

When I arrived home I turnrd on my house radio.

No news about the object we saw after listening for hours.

The next day and there after we combed the local paper for an explanation or just a report.


I do not know what we and all the people at the movie saw.

I still do not know what it was, but I know it was.

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