Don't Tell Anyone

Don't Tell Anyone

Date: 1982

Location: Gagetown, New Brunswick, Canada

This is a story my father told me.

It happened in 1982 while my father was stationed on a military base in New Brunswick.

One night my father's best friend and his girlfriend left just after dark to go see Tron at a movie theater.

About an hour later, the friend and his girlfriend were back on the base.

The car pulled in, and my father immediately noticed that it was damaged pretty badly and covered in several different colors of paint.

My father asked them what had happened, why they had not gone to the movie.

They brushed him off and went to bed.

A few days later, my father got his friend to tell him what had happened.

They were driving along a stretch of highway and they noticed lights coming from over a hill just ahead, where no lights should be because there was nothing around for miles.

Just at the base of that hill was a parking lot for a park.

A bunch of cars were pulling into the parking lot to investigate the lights, so my father's friend pulled in too.

Everyone got out of their cars and was about to start hiking to the top of the hill when a large disk with flashing lights rose above the hill's peak and emitted a loud, strange sound.

Several cars got banged up in everyone's panic to get away, thus the transfer of paint.

My father's friends drove back to the base as fast as possible.

A few days later, men in black suits showed up on the base looking for people.

They talked to my father's friend and then sent him on his way.

My father asked him what the men wanted to see him for.

The men told the friend that he better shut up say nothing about anything that happened if he wanted to keep his military career.

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