Different But Similar Gagetown Event

Different But Similar Gagetown Event

Date: July 27, 2006

Location: Gagetown, New Brunswick, Canada

We were driving north from Moncton to Fredericton.

Just before getting to Gagetown I noticed something shining to my right, up in the air.

It was approximately a couple thousand feet from us flying along the Trans Canada highway.

I said:

What's that?

And 2 of my companions looked up, the front passenger saw it then it just zoomed at incredible speed and stopped around 20 miles away, we could still see very well then the third passenger saw it.

The characteristics that were most interesting is it was round, looked like an aspirin pill, shined like chrome and moved at incredible speed.

I've seen jets move before and this was no jet, it would be going like Mach 7. When it was close by, if you calculate by distance at 2000' from us, it must have been like 200' in diameter.

As we watched it from a distance and the shine was still very intense, seemed just like the sun reflecting from the surface of this craft, it just moved again and we just lost it, it was way too fast to follow with our eyes.

We just looked at each other and no other comment was made, this was no doubt a very odd experience.

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