Object With Whitish Halo

Object With Whitish Halo

Date: October 1, 1952

Location: Fukuoka, Japan

After being alerted to some excitement outside of my communication center, I quickly locked my duty room and went outside to see the problem only to see about 25 to 38 men all watching the sky out over the flight strip the the left of the control tower.

It is believed that the object was some 10,000' to 15,000' altitude.

It at first sighting just seemed to float in a set area not moving at all then it moved diagonally at some 30° to 45° angle up then stopped momentarily then without even a gradual change in direction is just moved straight across the sky and eye blinking speed so some 10 miles it was believed.

Again it did this same move only in a completely different direction more then just abruptly.

It moved at the speed of light but all moves were done in absolutely reverse moves.

This went on for some 20 minutes,

Finally 3 F-86s were dispatched for observation for encountering, and they could not even get close to the object.

We all knew that it was a UFO because of former warnings not to ever discuss what if ever we should see in the sky.

It was told to us all that there were no such things as flying saucers ant that they were only figments of out imagination.

We all knew better that that.

Most of us had all read or heard of the Project Blue Book, Major Keyhoes Report, which was printed in 1947.

We had never hoped to see something of this magnitude but after seeing this we all felt sure of what we had seen.

I had went into operation shack and had asked questions as to what they had seen on the radar scope and was answered that they could not ID the object because it speed would not be calculated on their screen but did note that when the F-86s ever got near the objects area, it would move so fast it could not be registered on the scope.

They did say however that they did know it was something but of an unknown craft and that there was not any place on the planet Earth that could even possibly have anything like what was seen or acted on their scope.

The whole subject was ordered to be silenced and not even discussed, but of course we did at some risk of violation of orders.

This was the most fantastic thing I have ever seen in my life, this thing moved several times.

This was until then it literally in a flick of an eye shot out of sight just as though it was like a light switch being turned off.

It disappeared as fast as it was to appear.

Literally disappeared.

My theory is that this thing can control magnetism in some way as well as control its stability at will.

It definitely was and is being controlled by some intelligence.

I have tried to make this known before but to those I have expressed, they would look at me as if I was nuts.

We knew what we saw and it all was true.

I was an Airman first class, buck sergeant, at the time stationed at Itazuke Air Force Base on the Island of Kyushu, Japan during the Korean War.

There were no dummies stationed there.

We were all skilled in what we did and were proud of who, and what we were but this was astounding to say the least.

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